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Crypto Mining conducted by industry professionals with the best mining equipment the industry can offer

Mining City is a global company which sells hash power to mine cryptocurrencies. Over 200,000 customers have already trusted Mining City to unite their strength and increase the chance to strike digital gold!

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Mining City CEO – Greg Rogowski founded Mining City in 2019 and has grown it into one of the most successful and dynamic companies in the sector. He had previously been involved in the marketing and media sectors of major European media brands, covering TV, radio, newspapers and magazines. He found a good pivot in crypto mining, and has traveled much of the world preaching the merits of cryptocurrencies. 

The company expedites mining in a B2B model. The income is split accordingly: 

Mining City

• 35% commissions

• 2% salaries

MineBest hosting

• 6% mining farms

• 24% miners purchase and maintenance

• 3% shipping and taxes

• 20% pre-mining

• 10% company profit

Mining City always looks for the best solutions for its customers. Our strategic partner MineBest is constantly increasing the number and specifics of mining machines dedicated to our community, all to increase the chances of getting the maximum amount of mining rewards. 

As for now, Mining City is receiving hash power from more than 118,000 world-renowned miners, including:

• WhatsMiner M21S

• Innosilicon T3+

• Avalon 851

• and more!

And the number is constantly growing!

Mining City offers you the ability to mine Bitcoin Vault – an innovative and rapidly growing cryptocurrency released in December 2019. Bitcoin Vault is currently listed on multiple popular cryptocurrency exchanges, including: Coineal, Liquid, MXC, and BKEX. For Bitcoin Vault’s price and other statistics you can use CoinMarketCap’s service. 

Mining City & MineBest Strategic Partnership

MineBest builds data center facilities tailored for providing professional hosting services of mining equipment for Mining City. 

Mining City sells hash power and offers mining plans to its clients, enabling them to mine crypto-currencies in a secure way.

MineBest is a technologically advanced infrastructure company specializing in cryptographic computing activities. It is one of the most dynamically growing companies in the cryptocurrency mining industry. It’s core business entails building data center facilities which are tailored for providing professional hosting services of mining equipment. 

MineBest headquarters is located in Warsaw, Poland and provides the world with the most advanced mining solutions in the market. The company is constantly growing – this video presents new office space after the recent expansion. MineBest also has representatives across the globe in the USA , China, Israel, and Kazakhstan. 

360 Degree Video 20 MW Kazakhstan Mining Facility Tour

50 MW Kazakhstan Mining Facility Tour

CEO of MineBest – Eyal Avramovich has been in the cryptocurrency business since 2015. As an innovator and inventor he has patented things ranging from bathroom scales to cars. Eyal quickly understood that there is a fertile field in cryptocurrency mining that could be tapped. He has grown MineBest into one of the fastest growing companies in the crypto mining space. 

MineBest hosts multiple cryptocurrency mining farms in Kazakhstan at 20 MW , 20 MW, and 50 MW all at full capacity. Also in Kazakhstan includes 20 MW and 150 MW facilities under construction, as well as a 100 MW data center in China under construction (50MW currently operational) – all expected to be ready in 2020.

MineBest is a proud winner of the award for Best Reputation of Mining Farm at the International Digital Mining Summit 2019 in Shenzhen, China. 

MineBest won an award for Top Ten Mining Farms, for professional design and excellent construction at the World Digital Mining Summit 2019.

MineBest has been present at over 20 events on five continents around the globe as an official sponsor, presenter, and participant alike.

Other partners of Mining City

Mining City works closely with a number of international brands. These include mining pool and leading industry portal 

The company which operates Mining City is Prophetek Inc Ltd, registration no HE 384540. Greg Rogowski is the shareholder and director of the company. 

With Mining City, you are guaranteed to have mining conducted by industry professionals using some of the best mining equipment the industry can offer. You can calculate the potential mining rewards of said equipment using the Crypto Compare Mining Reward Calculator.

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Mining City Useful Documents can be found here.

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